Introducing the Data Export Tool from Attribution

Introducing the Data Export Tool from Attribution

By Attribution

Attribution is proud to provide marketing insights that help our customers answer even the most complex marketing questions to boost ROI in everything we do. We are now taking this a step further to provide data collections and export functionality that provides visits, ad spend, clicks, revenue and other marketing data to data science and other data and marketing professionals, all tracked on a visit level, rather than just a user level.

We’re excited to announce the release of our brand new Data Export Tool, built to help you get the best possible insights and answer your toughest marketing questions. Let’s explore some of the features.


Your ticket to better marketing data analysis

The Attribution Data Export Tool allows you the freedom and flexibility with your marketing data (visits, ad spend, clicks, revenue, and more) to bring it into your data analysis tool of choice in order to determine key metrics such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) per user and Return on Investment (ROI).

Just as we’ve simplified getting both user and visit level data that gives you granular insights, our new export functionality now allows you to have all of your marketing data exported to the cloud storage provider of your choice. This means that, instead of collecting data from all of the ad and marketing platforms individually, you can use one tool to pull everything together in order to perform data analysis.


A data scientist’s best friend

Greater marketing performance requires better marketing insights, which are pushing teams to use their data to answer more and more complex questions. While Attribution is easy for any marketer to use, we’re excited to provide a tool that data scientists and other data analysis teams can use to perform the complex analysis they are often tasked with doing, and get answers to even the toughest questions from marketing teams.

We’ve also found that mid-market companies with data science teams need more complex number crunching than simple online platforms can provide, yet don’t always have access to the tools of the largest enterprise organizations.

Because of this, our Data Export Tool provides the freedom and flexibility to take your company’s marketing data and use your preferred data analytics tools (like BigQuery, Python, or others), and perform the much-needed analysis to uncover deeper insights than out-of-the-box dashboards on individual ad platforms could ever provide.


The power to uncover valuable insights is in your hands

Staying true to our commitment to providing the best insights that come from multi-touch attribution, the Data Export Tool empowers you to run your own advanced queries to determine MRR or ROI on marketing efforts.

The Attribution Data Export Tool gives you the power to uncover your own insights, and saves you time by exporting all of your data to the cloud storage provider of your choice. This means that you can get the answers you need to questions such as the following, along with anything you can come up with:

  • Which visitors spend the most over time and how much did it cost us in Google ads to get there?
  • Which type of our users generate the most MRR after accounting for advertising?

What sets Attribution, and our Data Export Tool, apart from the competition is that the data is tracked on a visit level rather than a user level. This helps your data science team, and ultimately your marketing team, to better segment your users and understand the entire customer journey. When you can do this, you can make more meaningful decisions about your customers and your product or services.

The best news of all is that this is just the beginning! We plan to continue to expand the Data Export Tool in the coming months with new ELT capabilities, and an attribution analytics API. For more information read more about the Data Export Tool or contact us.

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