Show Revenue Accountability

Prove your marketing organization is more than a cost center.

Solution B2B CMO’s

Attribution connects disparate data from all your marketing touchpoints and applies multi-touch attribution models to accurately assign revenue and cost credit. This guarantees a complete view of marketing performance, allowing you to optimize spending and maximize revenue.

  • Tune your channel mix to reduce wasted spend and prevent over-crediting any single part of your funnel.
  • Demonstrate budget efficiency by lowering customer acquisition costs and generating a steady pipeline of revenue generating leads.
  • Align your entire team toward the same revenue goals instead of focusing on siloed, channel-specific metrics.
Solution B2B CMO’s

The CMO’s Playbook to Deliver More Revenue with Less Spend

Find out how you can become a multi-touch attribution champion, giving you and your team the vision and data they need to deliver more optimize spending and maximize revenue.

Rewire Your Attribution For Modern B2B Marketing

Solution B2B CMO’s

Connect every marketing touch to revenue

Using out-of-the-box integrations and UTM tracking to auto-sync your leads and opportunities to any online or offline channel or campaign sources.

Solution B2B CMO’s

Assign credit to every marketing touch

Apply multi-touch attribution models and a cohort-based method to precisely allocate revenue, conversion, and cost for any touch channel, or account-based effort.

Solution B2B CMO’s

Ensure 100% attribution reporting fidelity

With automatic reconciling and granular auditing of revenue and cost credits to preempt duplicate or missing values and verify everything adds up to 100%.

Get Connected

Connect to popular ad platforms and marketing technologies. Attribution offers more integrations than any other solution on the market.

Solution B2B CMO’s
Solution B2B CMO’s

Multi-Touch Attribution for Salesforce is Here

Go from single-touch attribution chaos to business outcomes faster than ever before with Attribution and Salesforce. Attribution enables Salesforce customers with an easy pathway to add multi-touch attribution, giving CMOs and their teams authoritative and timely insight on which touches are working and which ones are.