Attribution Tailored to Your Marketing Funnel

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all attribution model.
Your attribution model must reflect your current marketing funnel.

Inspect a Customer’s Journey: Shorten Paths to Purchase

Shoppers engage with your brand in many ways — online across multiple devices and offline, generating hundreds of touchpoints. Make sense of these touchpoints by mapping the customer journey and identifying ways to optimize popular paths to purchase.

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Measure Awareness

Which campaigns and impressions are creating the strongest awareness of your brand?

Calibrate Nurturing Programs

What mix of channels, messages, and team touchpoints best drive conversions for each key segment?

Optimize Conversion Points

Which conversion points deliver the strongest ROI performance for the highest LTV customers and which should be improved or removed?

Connect Broadcast, Digital, and Offline Performance

Understand which offline campaigns influence online activity and which online activities drive in-store purchases. Our proprietary algorithms combine impressions, predictive analysis and campaign response windows to build true attribution for both online and offline efforts.

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PPC and Display Ads

Track impressions and clicks through traditional display networks. Track search and social channels with your existing UTM strategy.

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TV and Radio

Apply response windows to track conversion lift from Radio, TV, Cable, and OTT.

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Dynamic response windows can also measure traffic from direct mail, trade shows, in-person meetings or in-store purchases.

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Connect to Popular Ad Platforms, Marketing Technologies, and E-Commerce Platforms

Drive Maximum Return on Ad Spend

Attribution delivers true visibility into your marketing performance at every touch and channel, giving you trusted insights to optimize your path to purchase.

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Increase Digital Marketing ROI

Drive more sales from your spending, get more ROI from your ads, and optimize your budget to revenue.

  • Know your true best-performing tactics across the consumer’s journey to optimize the effectiveness of every marketing dollar.
  • See the real return on ad spend (ROAS) by cohort across all major ad vendors and hold them accountable for their performance.
  • Gain a unified view of the ROI impact of your paid digital advertising channel types including PPC, retargeting, sponsored content, and affiliate.
  • Drill down to every click, conversion and sales allocation for trusted digital marketing budgeting and forecasting.
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Improve Omni-Channel Marketing ROI

Improve the return on your omni-channel marketing campaigns to convert more shoppers into sales, get more ROI from your campaigns, and optimize your budget to revenue.

  • Unify marketing performance for broadcast campaigns alongside digital channels and offline marketing.
  • Know your true best-performing omni-channel campaigns to optimize your tactics from the top of funnel to revenue.
  • Gain unmatched marketing attribution insight of cost and conversions with omni-channel consumers to tune your campaigns to maximize ROI.
  • Drill down to every click, conversion and revenue allocation for trusted budgeting and forecasting.
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Reduce Cost Per Acquisition

Optimize the return on your marketing investment to convert more shoppers from your budget, increase customer lifetime value, and plan and forecast to maximize revenue.

  • Know your true best-performing strategies across the shopper’s journey to prioritize your mix and shift your spending to maximize revenue.
  • Gain unmatched attribution insight to optimize your tactics to grow customer lifetime value.
  • Compare how all your marketing and advertising channels are performing.
  • Drill down to every click, conversion and revenue allocation for trusted customer acquisition scenario planning and forecasting.
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G2 Crowd named us a High Performer

Attribution was named a high performer in the Winter 2022 G2 Crowd Grid© Report for Attribution Software.

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