Drive Maximum Return on Ad Spend

Custom multi-touch attribution models use proven data science algorithms to combine ad network data, user behaviors, offline touchpoints, and purchase outcomes to provide superior visibility into marketing campaign performance.

Prioritize your marketing investments across your funnel to maximize revenue. Grow your best-performing tactics. Monitor promising channels. Stop poor-performing campaigns.

Buyer's Journey

Solution B2B
Solution B2B

1More Quality Leads, Same Budget

Full funnel insights improve campaign performance to deliver stronger ROI outcomes.

  • Leverage your return on ad spend (ROAS) by cohort across vendors to hold them accountable for their performance.
  • Unify marketing performance for events and conferences alongside digital channels and content marketing.
  • Drill down to every click, conversion, and dollar allocation for smarter forecasting and planning.
  • From the first touch to close, get credit for marketing efforts regardless of funnel stage or purchase path.

Account-Based Multi-touch Attribution for B2B
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Solution B2B

2Improve Account-Based Marketing (ABM) ROI

Win more target accounts, drive more ROI from your account-based campaigns, and optimize your budget to revenue.

  • Gain unmatched visibility into cost and conversions at the account level to tune your ABM campaigns for maximum revenue.
  • See a unified view of the revenue impact of your ABM-specific tactics including content, paid media, email, events, direct mail, and outbound sales.
  • Drill down to every click, persona, conversion, and dollar allocation for trusted budgeting and forecasting.
  • Predict which accounts are ready to convert and which need more nurturing with predictive engagement scores built from behavioral data and data science.
Solution B2B

3Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Acquire more customers from the same spend, increase the velocity of your funnel, and forecast revenue with confidence.

  • Compare how ABM-specific efforts are performing against overall demand generation ROI.
  • See which touches and channels are working (and which ones need to be stopped) at each stage in the funnel — from first touch to close.
  • Drill down to every click, conversion and dollar allocation for trusted customer acquisition forecasting.

A Bizible Alternative

Discover why Attribution is more powerful than Bizible for your B2B multi-touch attribution strategy.

Connect To Popular Ad Platforms And All Major CRM Platforms

Your multi-touch attribution strategy is only as good as the data you pull into your reports. Attribution offers more integrations than any other solution on the market.

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B2B Marketers: Using Multi-Touch Attribution to Make the Most of your Ad Spend

Solution B2B
Solution B2B
Solution B2B

G2 Crowd named us a High Performer

Attribution was named a high performer in the Winter 2022 G2 Crowd Grid© Report for Attribution Software.

Solution B2B
Solution B2B
Solution B2B
Solution B2B
Solution B2B