Optimize ROAS with Attribution’s enhanced integration with Segment

Optimize ROAS with Attribution’s enhanced integration with Segment

By David Saxon

A seamlessly integrated marketing technology stack is indispensable to meet business goals and objectives. The crucial aspect is integration or in other words, how well systems share customer data with each other.  It is imperative to have data accessible across all systems and to ensure that each system can share data with the others. This unified approach enables businesses to make decisions based on a cohesive dataset that can be easily shared throughout the entire martech stack.

As we continue to deepen our investments in partnerships and provide our customers with the transparency they require to make informed decisions more rapidly, we are thrilled to introduce our enhanced integration with Segment, which shares data bidirectionally between the Attribution platform and the Segment platform.

Through the rich set of insights  provided by Attribution, which captures cost and revenue from various marketing channels (ad platforms such as Facebook and Google, social channels, affiliate, email and others) marketers gain a deeper understanding on performance that allows them to better target efforts on the channels that are working and spend less on the ones that are not.

The Attribution integration to Segment  accesses user traits such as customer lifetime value (LTV), advertising costs, attribution percentages, and more, across your entire technology ecosystem. This empowers your product analytics tools to merge sales and marketing analytics to:

  • Identify which campaigns are driving the acquisition of high-value users.
  • Determine which channels are contributing to drop-offs between events in the user journey.
  • Analyze which initial touchpoints are associated with users exhibiting the highest LTV.

We are enthusiastic about supporting Segment’s use case of optimizing ad spend, and we look forward to enabling businesses to leverage their data effectively to drive better marketing outcomes.


You can download Segment’s ROAS: The Ultimate Guide to Advertising Efficiency HERE.


For more information about our integration with Segment and how we can drive greater efficiencies with your advertising spend, please schedule a demo with us HERE or reach out to us at help@attributionapp.com.