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MTU cost over Base
Event Limit
Projects / Sites
Seats Included
Data Storage
Data Refreshed
Channel Integrations
Duplicate Channels
Product Training
API Access
Custom Attribution
{( )}
${( plan.amount/100 | number )}/mo.

Start Free {( plan.amount == 0 ? 'Plan' : 'Trial' )}
{( plan.mtu_limit | number )}
{( plan.mtu_cost / 100 | currency:'$':0 )} per 1k MTU
{( plan.event_limit | number )}
{( plan.project_limit || 'Unlimited' )}
{( plan.user_limit || 'Unlimited')}
{( plan.report_refresh_interval | period )}
{( plan.advertising_channel_limit || 'Unlimited')}
{( plan.multi_channel | yesNo )}
{( )}
{( plan.product_training | yesNo )}
{( plan.api_access | yesNo:'Yes*' )}
{( plan.custom_attribution_models | yesNo:'Yes*' )}
{( plan.amount >= 99900 | yesNo )}

*Only available on annual plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MTU?

Monthly Tracked Users, or the sum of logged in plus anonymous users that visit your site in a given month.

What is an event?

An event is any call to our tracking server. Pageviews, javascript events, identify calls, and server side tracking calls are all counted as events. The number of pageviews your site gets per month is a good estimate of how many events you will send.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your monthly or annual subscription at any time, and will continue to have access until the end of the current term.

What if the largest plan isn't big enough?

We will build you a custom plan at a fair price. The more events you have, the cheaper Attribution becomes per event.

Can I manage multiple sites under one account?

Absolutely. Attribution allows you to create multiple projects depending on your plan limits, one for each site. You will be billed for the sum of all MTUs across all projects.

Can I change plans later?

You can change plans whenever you want. If your company grows and you are sending more events than anticipated, we will let you know before we upgrade your account.

Do you have a plan for agencies?

Attribution has a billing model that is specifically configured to work for advertising agencies. You can grant access to clients without giving them access to other site information or billing information. You pay the bill for all your clients and invoice them separately.

How can I get in touch with you?

Just shoot us an email at

Attribution is the simplest and most effective way to track spending and conversions across every marketing channel.

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