Benefits of Attribution and Twitter Ads Together


Ad Conversion Tracking

Connect your Twitter Ads to Attribution and never struggle to report on the success of your Twitter ads again. Automatically shorten URLs in your Promoted Tweets and allocate revenue contribution to know your true ROAS.


Twitter Ad Cards

Use Attribution auto-tagging to easily track Twitter Ads Cards which contain Website URL (Website and Video Website Cards) to allow detailed tracking of ad spend and calculating ROAS per campaign, as other parameters.


Optimize Return on Marketing

Attribution provides a single source of truth for how ads from Twitter and other channels are impacting revenue at every touch point along your buyer’s journey, so you can quickly compare the true ROAS to optimize your marketing mix.

See What Marketers Have To Say About Using Attribution’s Twitter Integration

Attribution is super helpful to be able to segment and drill down by channel (Facebook, Google, search), campaigns + assets, paths, and UTMs. After we spent a few minutes defining all our channels we had a full-picture of where we spent and made money.

Set Up Your Twitter Integration In Minutes

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The Attribution EcoSystem

Connect to popular ad platforms and marketing technologies. Attribution offers more integrations than any other solution on the market.