Benefits of Attribution and Shopify Together


See True ROAS Anytime

Automatically connects your online, social media, and in-person sales in Shopify to spend from AdRoll, Facebook, Google and other channels and campaigns. Never struggle to know your true ROAS, which ads are driving sales and which ones are wasting dollars.


Compare Channels Realtime

Drill down on your ad channels by day to how much profit you are generating over time. Easily compare granular attribution data at the touchpoint, conversion path, and channel level to optimize your budget to yield the most conversions and profit.


Optimize Return on Marketing

Attribution and Shopify give CMOs a holistic, single source of truth of their marketing effectiveness with detailed CPA, ROAS and customer LTV to quickly optimize media spend and forecast future sales, optimizing marketing ROI and reducing customer acquisition cost.


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The Attribution EcoSystem

Connect to popular ad platforms and marketing technologies. Attribution offers more integrations than any other solution on the market.