Introducing the Affiliate Marketing Tool from Attribution

Introducing the Affiliate Marketing Tool from Attribution

By Attribution

The team at Attribution is continually thinking of ways that we can improve marketers’ return on investment (ROI) and provide more flexibility and visibility throughout their processes. Affiliate marketing is an $8.2 billion market which 80% of brands and 84% of publishers participate in, yet many affiliate marketers are struggling with outdated methods to track and pay out their affiliates. These include manually tracking affiliates in spreadsheets that can grow cumbersome and often make tracking the success of your efforts difficult.

We’re excited to announce the release of our new Affiliate Marketing Tool, which consolidates your partner campaigns, and is built to help affiliate marketers get better results through greater flexibility, automated features, and increased visibility on their ROI. With this product, marketers can know the true value of their affiliate marketing spend, and elevate affiliate performance. Let’s explore some of the features.


Affiliate team management and flexible payout rules

Flexible structure payout models and team management.

Tired of having to use a one-size-fits-all approach to your affiliates? Attribution allows you to manage your teams and structure payout models that are as flexible as you need them to be. This includes things like one-time commissions, monthly commissions, fixed or percentage-based commissions, or even per category or product commissions.

In addition to being able to create categories of payouts, the Attribution Affiliate Marketing Tool also makes it easy to review your total payouts.


Automatic payouts for your affiliates

Does manually paying your affiliates take up too much time and effort? That, combined with the increased risk of making a mistake when having to perform manual tasks involving your marketing dollars adds up to a need for a more automated solution.

Attribution’s Affiliate Marketing Tool is here to help. It connects directly to payment platforms, and can be set to manual or automatic payments, taking the headache of having to manually track all of your affiliate payments in spreadsheets and ensuring your payouts are seamless in order to maintain great relationships with your affiliates.

If you prefer a more manual approach, however, rest assured. Attribution’s Affiliate Marketing tool also supports both manual approval as well as sending manual invoices.

Integration with the rest of the Attribution platform

Last, but certainly not least, the Marketing Affiliate Tool has integration with the rest of our Attribution platform. This means that affiliate marketers can benefit from the same type of multi-touch attribution analysis and insights that our other customers rely on to make key marketing and advertising decisions.

Integration with Attribution gives affiliate marketers flexibility and automatic payouts, as well as a better understanding of where their greatest successes are coming from. This will help you run a more successful and profitable affiliate marketing program and learn what works best over time.

Next Steps and How to Learn More

We’re excited to be able to expand the Attribution platform to bring this new capability for affiliate marketers. It’s easy to learn more by getting a demo or reading more information on our website.

For more information, read more about Attribution or contact us.