Build Your Affiliate Marketing Program With Confidence

Know the true value of your affiliate marketing spend and elevate affiliate performance. Affiliate Tracking consolidates your partner campaigns and aligns your affiliate channel against other marketing efforts in one location. Available as both a stand-alone solution or in concert with Attribution’s platform.

Affiliate Tracking

Hire & Reward

Manage your affiliate team and create offers designed to incentivize top performance. Share creative and set custom parameters. Structure payout models based on affiliate type, sales generated, or special promotions. Initiate payouts and automate rewards.

Affiliate Tracking

Measure & Report

Accurately measure impressions, clicks and conversions to ensure appropriate revenue and payout attribution. Identify landing pages or links driving the most conversions. Keep affiliates engaged and accountable.

Affiliate Tracking


Easily identify and scale your best performing affiliate campaigns to improve your return on affiliate program spend. Segment affiliates and customize rewards and revenue shares to maximize traffic and overall boost performance.